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Friends of Saints


Have your 2010 SSRFC Membership paid for!



This year we are re-introducing our clubs “Friends of the Sarnia Saints” sponsorship program. The “FOS” program is designed specifically for players and gives you the opportunity to help pay your club dues. It is designed to not only benefit YOUR club, but to help you out personally for you efforts.


This is how this program works…


IF you are interested in taking part in this program there are some guidelines you will have to follow as you will be representing not only yourself but the Sarnia Saints Rugby Football Club as an organization. The FOS is a sponsorship program where Saints Members approach local businesses, family members and friends for sponsorships.


Laid out in the FOS form is the dollar range for sponsors along with the benefits they will receive with their contribution (i.e. $150 donation gives your sponsor their name on our training shirts and recognition on our sponsor board inside the clubhouse). Donations may be in the form of cheque (payable to Sarnia Saints) or cash. Receipts will be made up for donors upon request.


So how does this benefit you? For every sponsor you bring to our Club you will receive HALF (50%) of the amount towards your dues! Once you have fully paid for your dues through sponsors the extra money will go right to YOUR club.




If Dues were = $300

You get sponsor          =          Dues Discount

       $500                                             $250


You get sponsor          =          Dues Discount           +          Remainder to Club

       $1000                                       $300 (free)                                      $700



Please read the DO NOT CONTACT LIST (below) to ensure that you do not approach existing Club Sponsors as they will not count toward the FOS program. 


Questions, concerns and donations are to be returned to:



519 466 8328